June Gardening Checklist

by Jerry Hilburn on Jun 03, 2021

June Gardening Checklist

A chore list, really? Yes! June is a prolific time in the garden – for you and your plants. There’s abundant growth, changing weather, and plenty of preparation to be done for seasons to come. Keeping track of it all can be hard, even for the most experienced gardener. That’s why we compiled the ultimate to-do list for your June garden.

Depending on your gardening zone, these tasks may come heavy in the early days of June, or later toward the end of the month. As temperatures increase and rain patterns start to shift, be sure to keep an extra close eye out for pests and insects, and to adjust watering schedules accordingly.

Now, without further ado, your June gardening checklist:

tend to fruit trees in June

Flowering and Fruiting Plants

o Reign in your tomato plants – prune the suckers, stake or cage them, and address any diseases or pests
o Deadhead (remove spent flowers) plants to keep them blooming longer
o Prune shrubs and vines after they’re finished blooming
o Continue to water spring bulbs – their leaves are sending energy to the bulb for next season
o Thin the fruit of deciduous fruit trees. Well-spaced fruit will yield a better crop

Soil Health

o Add compost or other fertilizer to annuals and other highly productive plants
o Apply a layer of mulch throughout to keep root systems cool, temper weeds, reduce irrigation needs, and maintain soil pH
o Start a compost bin if you haven’t already. Rotate every other week

Lawn Care

o De-thatch and aerate your lawn
o Plant warm-season grass from sod (our sod-plugger is great for this!)

Vegetables and Herbs

o Plant warm-season vegetables from seed, successively to ensure a continual harvest (corn, melons, peppers, pumpkins and other heat-lovers will do well now that the soil has warmed up)
o Check container plants daily, including potted herbs, as they’ll start to need water more often

control pests and insects in the garden

Pests and Insects

o Cover your berries and fruits with netting or row covering
o Scout for insects or pests feeding on plants and take swift measures to address any issues. Check your local nursery for information on problem insects in your area
o Protect any budding plants from hungry bunnies
o Release ladybugs and lacewings if needed, and be sure to do this in the evening as cooler weather will keep them from flying off right away
o Check for caterpillars on apple, cherry, and other fruit trees. Blast nests with water or knock them to the ground and remove them
o Apply grub control mid-month or when the rains have tapered off. Be sure to use an organic material, and not a pesticide with neonicotinoids (save the bees!)
o Change out water in bird baths and outdoor pet dishes often to discourage the breeding of mosquitoes

Hard Work Pays Off

That’s a lot to do this month! But every gardener knows that this burst of summer activity is what we live for. Make sure to take moments to truly enjoy your garden. Knock the dirt off your knees, pull off your gloves, and notice the results of your hard work.

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