Sod Plugger Manual Lawn Plug Cutter 3*3

Repair or replant your lawn turf for summer.

The Yard Butler Sod Plugger is one of the smoothest and most economical ways to establish a new lawn, convert a troubled lawn, or repair damaged turf. This manual lawn plug cutter digs holes and transplants sod from an existing grass area and easily extracts a soil core the same size as most commercially available plugs on the market. Great for planting plugs of Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine and most turf grasses. The 33 inch ejector handle makes releasing the plug or soil quick and easy without bending over. The heavy duty powder coated steel is built for a lifetime of use.

  • GREAT FOR TRANSPLANTING PLUGS OF ALL TYPES OF TURF GRASSES. Zoysia, Bermuda, Centipede, St. Augustine and many others so you can choose the best sod to repair your lawn.
  • PICKS UP A 3" X 3" SQUARE PIECE OF SOD OR SOIL- the size of most commercially available grass plugs. Plugs fit tightly into prepared holes, ensuring better growth and survival for your turf.
  • EASY EJECTOR HANDLE ELIMINATES BENDING OVER. Sawtooth blade and foot bar for extra leverage makes cutting into soil more manageable.
  • DURABLE POWDER COATED STEEL TOOL IS BUILT TO LAST. 33 inches tall, 9 inches wide, weighs 4 lbs
  • YARD BUTLER'S NO RISK 30 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  If it is not perfect for you, return it for a full refund or replacement

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Timely Transplanting with the Sod Plugger

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