Hose Reel Parts Breakdown

by Steve Glor on Dec 16, 2022

Hose Reel Parts Breakdown

A hose is one of the most essential gardening tools for every homeowner. It not only helps with watering plants and flowers across your entire property, but it also features versatility outside the garden or yard. You can use your hose to wash your car, clean off the patio out back, or even fill up the inflatable pool for the summer.

Hoses come in varying lengths. Depending on its length, it can be fairly difficult to set aside a hose neatly. A hose left on the ground can easily be damaged with garden equipment or even become a dangerous tripping hazard. To help with storing and gaining easy access for the next use, we suggest buying a hose reel. 

What Are The Types Of Hose Reels?

We’ll focus on five main types of hose reels. While you can use any of these hose reels for your garden hose, the type you should choose depends mainly on how much space you have and your personal preference.

Free-Standing Patio Swivel

A free-standing patio swivel features a rotation of up to 360 degrees and can steadily sit on your patio or deck, and be moved wherever you need your hose. This type of swivel hose reel stands high so you won’t need to bend too low in order to retract or secure the hose, saving your back after a hard day’s work.





Free-Standing Swivel

A free-standing swivel is similar to the patio swivel except that it is installed firmly into the ground. It offers the same level of convenience and durability when storing your hose, offering a 360-degree rotation so you can reach every far corner of your yard.





Wall-Mounted Swivel

Wall-mounted hose reel swivels can rotate up to 180 degrees. Their design features a handy crank that you can use to reel the hose in and out with ease, so even your little ones can easily wind and unwind your garden hose.



Hose Reel Carts

Hose reel carts come in 2 and 4 wheel styles for extra mobility and convenience. These types of hose reels are ideal for homeowners who may need to water multiple areas of their property, as hose reel carts can simply be pulled along on their sturdy wheels. However, they do take up a bit of room, so ensure you have proper storage space.




Handy Reel Portable 2-in-1

The handy reel is a 2-in-1 portable solution to your watering needs. You can choose to either mount it on the wall or have it sit sturdily on the ground whenever you please.






What Are The Parts Of A Hose Reel?

Each hose reel has slightly different components, so the parts that make up your hose reel depend on the type of reel you choose. Knowing the individual parts of your specific model can greatly help in case you ever need replacement parts due to wear and tear. However, no matter the type of hose reel you choose, the core parts will include:

Hose Adaptor

The hose adapter is installed on the reel and is used to attach the hose to the reel.


The handle is used to turn the drum plates around in order to wind or unwind the hose. The handle assists in extending or retracting the hose.

Reel Supports

The reel supports make up the hose reel’s core body. They are the cylinder-shaped frame in the middle of the drum plates that you may wrap the hose around during storage.

Drum Plates

Drum plates are the two circular discs on each end of the support. These help keep the hose in place and act as the main part that spins along when storing or accessing the hose.

Metal Frames

Metal frames are used in hose reel carts, hose reel trucks, and the handy reel portable 2-in-1. These are used as a stand to keep the entire hose reel sturdy and can also be used to attach the wheels to the equipment. Some metal frames are also used as the main handle to push and pull the cart or truck around.

Side Plates

The side plates attach the metal frames onto the hose reel body and hold all the parts together.


For hose reel carts and hose reel trucks, wheels are attached at the bottom metal frames in order to easily transport them around the property.

Wrapping Up

You may need more parts and accessories than the standard ones listed above, depending on which hose you own. Similarly, more standard hose reel designs won’t require as many parts. Either way, hose reels are generally very easy to install and utilize and make a great addition to your home and property. They are built to withstand severe weather and can last for years to come.

Looking To Shop Hose Reels?

At Yard Butler, we have a wide selection of hose reels and even replacement parts you can choose from. All come with a lifetime guarantee to be free of any material- or workmanship defects. 

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2-Wheeled Hose Reel Cart

4-Wheeled Hose Truck

Compact Garden Hose Truck

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