Free-Standing 200 ft. 360 Degree Swivel Hose Reel with Patio Base

At last, a hose reel that doesn’t kink hoses and won’t leak, break or rust after only a few years! Great for storing hoses near gardens, planting beds, stables or anywhere else hoses are frequently used. Capable of delivering water anywhere within a total coverage area of over 3 acres! The unique swiveling turret design of the Yard Butler Free Standing Swivel Reel can rotate 360 degrees and hold up to 200 feet of 5/8 inch hose. All steel construction with attractive silver-vein powder coat finish that will stand up to years of outdoor use.
  • Holds 200 feet of hose, rotating 360 degrees and covering over three acres
  • Max-Flo outlet pipe and kink-free center spool design will not break, leak or rust
  • Stable, free standing patio base
  • Powder Coated Steel – prevents rust, stands 40 inches high, 24 inches wide and 24 inches deep; weighs 22 lbs

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