Garden Kneeler Bundle: 2-in-1 kneeler/seat combo with Terra Rake and Terra Tiller

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This Yard Butler Gardening Gift Set is a great start for home gardeners making the most of their yard or patio space. The Yard Butler Garden Kneeler & Seat makes your time in the garden easier and less painful by reducing back strain. With a padded cushion you can kneel amongst the plants and the extended arms make getting up and down much easier. Flip it over and it doubles as a portable garden bench. Folds flat for convenient storage. The Terra Tiller’s dual-action head has three sturdy prongs for breaking, loosening, cultivating, and deep tilling soil as well as weeding.  The extra heft of this well balanced hand tool makes the second beveled edge perfect for cutting, trenching, or general garden hacking. Use it once and this professional grade tool will quickly become your favorite gardening tool. Finally the Terra Rake has the most flexible, gentle tines of any rake, period. It can rake right over plants to remove leaves without harming the plant. Extends your reach 18” under shrubs and bushes. All three products feature heavy duty powder coated steel guaranteed to last a lifetime.

  • THE PERFECT GARDENING GIFT SET to add to someone’s gardening gear. Includes one garden kneeling cushion & bench, one Terra Tiller dual-headed weeding and chopping hand tool, and one Terra Rake 18” metal spring whisk rake with 6 free-floating tines for leaves.
  • GARDEN KNEELER FEATURES A STURDY, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND FOLDABLE DESIGN that allows you to take it where you need it when you need it. PROTECTS YOU from lower back strain and injury while you’re digging and potting with extended handles adding stability when using the kneeling cushion and taking some of the effort out of bending and standing. ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION means this cushioned garden seat is heavy duty and sturdy, holding up to 250 pounds at 24 inches wide, 19 inches high and 10 inches deep; weighs 8 lbs.
  • TERRA TILLER DUAL ACTION HAND TOOL FEATURES one side with three sturdy steel prongs for cultivating, breaking, loosening and deep tilling soil.  The other side is a sharpened beveled edge that is perfect for chopping and cutting roots.  This all-purpose tool will quickly become YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THE GARDEN.
  • TERRA RAKE IS LIGHT WEIGHT AND VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE manufactured with cold rolled spring steel tines and a comfort grip handle. Free-floating, flexible tines are perfect for SHRUBS, GARDENS, FLOWER BEDS, MULCH, and MORE.
  • THESE PRODUCTS ARE THE PERFECT GARDEN PACKAGE FOR SMALL SPACE GARDENING: raised beds, vegetable gardens, flower boxes, around shrubs or bushes, and other hard to reach areas. Makes gardening easy and comfortable. Built for Life.

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