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4 Piece Garden Tool Set

Garden tool set for endless outdoor uses.

    • Terra Tiller hand tiller for tilling & cultivating soil
    • Terra Planter hand shovel for planting & digging
    • Terra Weeder hand weed puller
    • Terra Rake hand rake.
  • GREAT GARDENING GIFT for yourself or someone else. All the garden tools you need for hours in the dirt planting and growing flowers, herbs, or vegetables.
  • DUAL HEAD TOOLS for multiple functions…cutting, chopping, tilling, and more. Terra Tiller has 3 deep fork prongs on one side and a beveled garden hoe on the other, Terra Planter features a hand shovel and garden pick, and the Terra Weeder sports a 4-tine claw and beveled chopper.
  • CUSHIONED HANDLE GRIPS on perfectly balanced hand tools for more comfortable gardening.
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE to be free from any defect in materials or workmanship.

Creating the garden of your dreams has never been easier with this 4 piece garden hand tool kit from Yard Butler. Even professional landscapers marvel at the ease and feel of the tools in this set. The Terra Planter hand shovel digs, chops, and pries with ease. Weeding is a snap as Terra Weeder’s 4-pronged claw grips and rips out weeds; roots and all. Terra Tiller is a gardener’s best friend with a soil cultivator on one side and a beveled garden hoe on the other. To wrap it all up the set includes an 18” whisk rake with 6 free-floating tines so you can clean up your garden quickly without damaging plants. This garden tool set has everything you need for years of planting, growing, and harvesting.

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