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24" Garden Hose Bib Extender

Stop dragging your hose across your beautiful lawn and garden by installing Yard Butler's hose bib extender. The two foot tall Yard Butler outside spigot extender works as a perfect outlet for your lawn, garden, or yard hose because it puts your outside hose exactly where you need it. The hose bib post will also lift your hose bib faucet out from behind plants and shrubs, so that you can reach it conveniently, without destroying your meticulously cared for garden. Be confident in your purchase with Yard Butler's Lifetime Warranty which guarantees all Yard Butler Tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials.

  • KEEP YOUR HOSE WHERE YOU NEED IT with an outdoor spigot extender that seamlessly blends into the surrounding lawn and garden without creating a visual headache. Bring your faucet away from the fence where it's more convenient.
  • HEAVY DUTY POWDER COATED ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION means your garden hose faucet extender won't break under pressure and can last a lifetime through yard work and abuse.
  • REACH THOSE PESKY CORNERS OF YOUR LAWN AND GARDEN with this water bib extension and without ruining your landscaping by dragging the hose.
  • EASY INSTALLATION, the Hose Bib Extender easily slides over a fencing post or mount in the ground with concrete. The faucet can also be plumbed directly to in-ground PVC or copper system. Installed, stands 24 inches high, 2 inches wide and five inches deep; weighs three pounds.
  • YARD BUTLER'S LIFETIME WARRANTY guarantees all Yard Butler tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials.

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