Nurturing Gardens and New Beginnings: My Trip to Meet Grandson James

by Everneu Everneu on May 31, 2024

Nurturing Gardens and New Beginnings: My Trip to Meet Grandson James

A Special Journey Begins

Today, I'm embarking on a heartfelt journey to Boston to meet my four-week-old grandson, James, named lovingly after my father. This visit marks the longest I will be away from my cherished garden, staying for three and a half weeks to bond with the newest addition to our family.
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The Challenge of Water Conservation

Back at home in California, where drought has been our reality for most of the past decade, we've learned to treat water as the precious resource it is. Two years ago, we installed drip irrigation lines in a third of our yard—these lines have been vital in sustaining the lushness of our plants and boosting the yields of our avocado and citrus trees. For the rest of the garden, I personally water each plant with a hose, which, despite being labor-intensive over one and a half acres, ensures each plant receives careful attention.

Efficient Tools for a Thriving Garden

Our hose reels and plant guides are indispensable in managing this extensive area. I use two ISR-360 Free Standing Hose Reels connected directly to a water line, making it easier to manage the hose without damaging the plants. The use of premium kink-free hoses, along with these reels, simplifies the watering process significantly, ensuring the hose remains in excellent condition, protected from the harsh sun.
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Preparing the Garden for My Absence

Yesterday, I dedicated several hours to thoroughly water every plant, preparing them for the upcoming warm days. Although most of our plants are succulents and cacti, which thrive in arid environments, they still require a deep soak to sustain them through my absence. This ritual of watering not only nurtures the garden but also provides a moment of zen and connection with nature.

Concerns and Care for the Garden

As I leave, I can't help but worry about the gophers that occasionally feast on the roots of our plants, but I trust they'll manage until I return. Meanwhile, my wife, Cynthia, will tend to our container and nursery plants, particularly the plumeria. This is their special time, coming out of dormancy and starting to leaf, soon to bloom into one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers we cherish.
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Embracing New Life and Continuous Growth

Just as we anticipate the vibrant blooms of our plumeria, I look forward to witnessing the new stages of life and growth in my grandson, James. This trip is not just about meeting him but also about celebrating the cycle of life, mirrored so beautifully in our garden. As I fly towards new memories, my heart remains rooted in both my garden and my growing family.


**Daniel L. Wright**

President, Yard Butler


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