Mastering the Snow Shovel Push Plow

by Steve Glor on Dec 23, 2023

Mastering the Snow Shovel Push Plow

The Fine Art of Snow Removal

Hello, homeowners and winter warriors! If you find joy in the crisp air, snow-covered landscapes, and the thrill of conquering winter's challenges, you're in for a treat. Today, we're diving into the world of snow removal, armed with a secret weapon – the push plow snow shovel. Join us on this snowy adventure as we explore the ins and outs of mastering this fantastic tool.

Understanding Your Snow Pusher Shovel

Choosing the Right Snow Shovel: A Buyer's Guide

Snow pusher snow shovel

Are you ready to take on the snow-covered battlegrounds? Choosing the right snow pusher is your first step to victory. Look for a durable and ergonomic design that suits your needs. From adjustable handles to sturdy blades, there's a push plow out there for everyone. Make sure you find a tool that’s wide enough to clear a good-sized path but not so wide the weight of the snow becomes unwieldy. We find a 24 inch wide blade is a great fit for most people to clear walkways, driveways, and more. Another decision to make is do you want a snow pusher with wheels or a push shovel without wheels? Wheeled plows make moving snow faster and are great to quickly clear a layer of new-fallen snow. A push shovel may have a bit more maneuverability around stairs and other tight spaces.

Assembling Your Push Plow

Once you've got your hands on the perfect push plow, it's time to put it together. Fear not – assembling your push plow is a breeze. Assembly is generally just a matter of a few nuts and bolts, and you'll be ready to tackle the snow in no time. Just make sure to follow any specifications about the direction of the blade so that it curves properly to move more snow.

Preparing for Snow Removal

Prepping Your Path: Clearing the Area Before Snowfall

Before the snowfall begins, take a few moments to clear the area. Move any obstacles, such as toys or garden tools, to ensure a smooth snow removal process. A little prep goes a long way in making your snow-shoveling adventure hassle-free. Nothing ruins a morning of shoveling like hitting a big rock or tool that froze to the drive over the holidays.

Dress for Success: Essential Attire for Snow Shoveling

Dress for the occasion! Bundle up in layers, don your coziest winter gear, and don't forget a trusty pair of waterproof boots. When it comes to footwear, traction is most important, especially for moving a push plow with a load of snow. Snow shoveling is a winter sport of its own, and the right attire is your ticket to comfort and warmth. Layering is a must because snow removal is hard work and even in cold weather you’re likely to build up a good sweat.

Mastering the Push: Proper Snow Shoveling Techniques

Push plow snow shovel

Time to get your push on! Mastering the push is all about using your body efficiently. Bend your knees, engage your core, and let the push plow do the heavy lifting. Remember, it's a dance with the snow, not a wrestling match. Don’t try to move too much snow all at once. It’s best to move a bit at a time as you clear the drive or walkway one strip at a time. Just remember that the point of a push shovel is to move snow off to the side and push it off of your walk or drive. You aren’t supposed to try to lift or throw the scoop anywhere. Plan your path in an attempt to minimize the number of times you have to push the same pile of snow just to get it out of the way.

Seasoned snow movers also know all about the different types of snow. Removing deep, wet snow is a much different challenge than a light, dry blanket of snow, and ice is a whole different challenge altogether. Wheeled snow pushers can make quick work of clearing a drive with a thin layer of snow so it’s best not to let it accumulate too long before tackling the job. Of course there’s also no point in clearing while it’s still snowing because who wants to repeat the job again right after they’ve finished.

Navigating Obstacles: Overcoming Challenges with Your Push Plow

Snow removal is an art, especially when faced with obstacles like uneven terrain or stubborn snowbanks. Learn the tricks of the trade to gracefully navigate through any challenges your winter wonderland throws at you. Every project is going to be different when it comes to the best lines and angles to remove snow quickly. You might also need a couple different tools for the best job. Really frozen banks might need a shovel to break them up before you can plow the snow out of the way.

Snow Shoveling Safety: Protecting Your Back and Beyond

Snow removal can be a workout, but safety should always come first. Protect your back by maintaining proper posture and taking breaks when needed. Remember that the snow pusher isn’t meant to be lifted so you don’t have to strain your back. Footwear with proper traction can help with preventing falls. Keeping the push shovel closer to your body is also a good idea as weight further away from your body creates more force, making it more difficult to move.

Be sure to know yourself and don’t push too hard, cold weather can cause blood pressure to increase quickly and the challenges of moving snow increases heart rate. Prolonged exertion creates an increased risk of heart attacks so short breaks are highly recommended. Also, don't forget to stay hydrated – it's easy to forget to drink water when you're wrapped up in the winter fun.

Maintaining and Caring for Your Push Plow: Snow Pusher Maintenance Tips

Your push shovel is a loyal companion in the winter battle, so treat it right. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the blades and checking for any wear and tear, ensures your push plow stays in top-notch condition for seasons to come. Storing the shovel in a clean, dry place is also necessary for the health of your tool.

Alternative Uses for Push Plow Snow Shovels

Who said a push plow is only for snow? Discover the versatility of your winter sidekick. From leveling soil to creating unique garden designs, your push plow might just become your favorite year-round tool. It can be great for moving sand or smooth stones as well. Just don’t tear up the finish.


There you have it – the ultimate guide to mastering the push plow snow shovel! Armed with your trusty winter companion, you're ready to face any snowstorm with confidence and a smile. So, bundle up, grab your snow pusher, and let's make this winter the most enjoyable one yet! Happy shoveling!

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