Quick connect hose fittings make changing your hose sprayer easy!

by Steve Glor on Jan 24, 2023

Quick connect hose fittings make changing your hose sprayer easy!
It is important to invest in tools that make gardening and yard work more efficient and run smoothly. One of the best tools you can get for your garden hoses and that will surely be used often is a quick connect hose fitting.

Below we delve into the details of what quick connect fittings are, how you can choose the best one, and some types to consider.

What is a Quick Connect Hose Fitting? 

Quick hose connectors are specifically designed to eliminate the hassle when it comes to garden hose fittings. Since different hoses are compatible with varied hose fittings, the process of purchasing the right set of tools and switching them out make it all the more challenging. Opting for a quick connect variant greatly narrows it all down, saving you the time, effort, and energy you would normally put into ensuring you get all the right parts and switch accessories fast.

With a quick connect hose, you can connect and disconnect a hose to and from a water source, spigot, sprinkler, nozzle, or even other hoses with much ease. Never again will you need to grab wrench or gather all your strength to switch the hose around different accessories.

How to choose the Best Garden Quick Connect Hose 

Just like with all types of hoses, there are a few factors you should keep in mind when getting a quick connect hose. Our 4 major takeaways from researching a wide variety of options are as follows:

Factor #1: Materials Of Hose Fittings 

The materials used into manufacturing the hose fittings are crucial when it comes to the durability and longevity of the product. We recommend focusing on two main types:


Solid brass fittings are an excellent choice because they are very durable, extremely easy to use, and highly resistant to rust. These would normally come with a pure metal casing or mixed with other materials such as rubber washers placed inside.

It is important to note, however, that many quick connect hose fittings are made with a different metal and just have a brass finish on top. Try to stay away from these since it can only offer the look of brass without all the important qualities that would make it actual brass.


Hard plastic is the second most common material used for hose fittings. Many of them are treated after production to be resistant to UV, and are also mixed with other types of material that make them more tolerant to low temperatures. This makes those specific models a great choice bet it for the summer heat or cold of winter.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that it is still made of plastic. This means that it will not be as durable or resistant to damage compared to rust. Moreover, they can distort in time and may even crack with long use.

Factor #2: Temperature Tolerance Of Hose Fittings

We’re sure you know by now that the tolerance level to varied kinds of temperature is very important when it comes to different irrigation tools. Not only is it a major factor to consider when purchasing the hose body itself, but it also plays a role in the durability of the connectors.

Its heat tolerance, for example, is highly advantageous when watering your lawn, garden, garage, cars, and other items during summer. It’s tolerance to cold, on the other hand, it important during winter season. However, it is still highly suggested to store your irrigation system and properly drain all the faucets and hoses out before winter comes along. Just the same, having tools that can withstand the harsh temperatures can be beneficial in the long run.

Factors #3: Pressure Tolerance Of Hose Fittings 

Apart from being able to withstand low and high temperatures, the best host fitting choices should also be able to withstand varying pressure levels. This pertains specifically to how much water pressure a connector can withstand before breaking apart.

This factor may not be very urgent to each and every household, but if you do intend to utilize this for high-pressure activities, or if the pressure in your home is naturally quite high, then you may need to weigh this factor in.

Factor #4: Hose Fittings With Built-In Water Stop

If you have ever had to change the attachment on your hose, you would understand the hassle it can create having to shut off the water supply before making any changes. With a built-in water stop, it can automatically activate the valve inside the quick connector to stop the water from passing through. This makes it much easier to change attachments without getting the water all over you and your floor.

Do Quick Connect Hose Fittings Reduce Water Pressure? 

There are different kinds of quick connect systems, and some of them has the ability to reduce water pressure while others won’t make much of a difference. It is important to research the specs of the specific model to see how it can affect your water pressure.

How To Connect A Quick Connect Garden Hose? 

First, you need to turn off the water supply in your specific spigot. Then take the female fitting to the end of your hose, with the male fitting to the watering tool. This system utilizes a female connector with a spring-loaded ring.

Top 3 Best Quick Connect Hose Adapters

There are many kinds of quick connect hose adapters in the market today, each with their own set of advantages. Below, we discuss our top 3 favorites that you can choose from that best suit your needs and preferences at home.

Claber 8458 Connector 

This hose adapter efficiently connects a twist-on faucet to a quick connect system. It is made of durable ABS plastic and has also been treated to be UV stabilized.

This variant is great for outdoor faucets with a standard ¾ inch hose thread. Moreover it can perfectly handle water temperatures that reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius. However, it does not do well on temperatures below 37.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 3 degrees Celsius.

Melnor 15MQC 4 pc QuickConnect Set Hose Connector Kit 

This kit is one of the best in the market today. It features a built-in water stopper, which makes switching between different attachments and accessories a breeze! You no longer need to turn off the tap and drain out hoses before applying a nozzle or making any other irrigation changes.

In order to install this system, follow these steps below:

  1. Simply attach the faucet adaptor to the water tap
  2. Place one of the faucet end connectors to the adaptor
  3. Place the female end of the hose to the connector
  4. Connect the product end to the male end of your hose
  5. Attach the nozzle to the product adaptor

Dixon DGH7 Brass Quick-Connect Fitting 

This option is best for areas that experience harsh temperatures because it is made of pure, highly durable brass that can easily withstand corrosion and high temperatures. It can also handle water pressure up to 200 PSI maximum, at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or 21 degrees Celsius.

The package comes with both male and female connections, but also has a valve less construction that does not restrict water flow when disconnected. Lastly, it features a push and pull ring that makes attaching your hose a breeze.

You’re All Set! 

A quick connect hose is definitely one of the best investments you can make for your irrigation system. Other tools we highly recommend to make yard work easy, fun, and quick to accomplish are our best selling offerings:

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  • Clare Martin
    Apr 09, 2024 at 12:43

    I found it helpful when you recommended solid brass fittings for our hoses since the material is known to be extremely durable and highly resistant to rust while also being easy to use. My brother runs an auto repair shop, and it seems like the lay-flat hose they use there needs a new coupler soon. I’ll keep this in mind while I help my brother look for an industrial supplier to contact about lay-flat hose couplers soon.


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