How to Buy a Snow Shovel

by Steve Glor on Nov 24, 2023

How to Buy a Snow Shovel

Introduction: Welcome to the Winter Wonderland, Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Snow Shovel

Ah, the crisp air, the glistening snowflakes – winter is upon us! There's nothing like waking up to a beautiful blanket of snow. But with the magic of the season comes the not-so-magical task of shoveling snow before you can go anywhere. Fear not, winter warriors! We're here to guide you through the snowy maze of snow shovel choices.

Types of Snow Shovels: Exploring Your Options

rolling push plow snow shovel

When it comes to snow shovels, variety is the spice of winter life. There's the classic shovel, with its straightforward design, but don't overlook the ergonomic options that cater to comfort. Then there are the snow pushers, perfect for clearing vast expanses with minimal effort. With a snow pusher you don’t even have to lift the shovel/plow, you just keep pushing the snow until you’ve got it off to the side where you want it. Get one with wheels and you can really make life easier in the driveway.

Choosing the Right Size: Size Matters

Before you dive into the shovel aisle, consider the size of your snow shovel. Match the width of the shovel to your body and strength – a shovel that's too big will tire you out quickly, while one too small might have you out in the cold for longer than necessary. Find the Goldilocks shovel that's just right for you.

Material Matters: Digging into Materials

Now, let's talk materials. Metal or plastic? Each has its pros and cons. Aluminum is sturdy but may weigh a bit more, while plastic is lightweight but might not withstand heavy-duty use. And what about the shovel's blade? Polyethylene, metal, or a hybrid? It's a snow world out there, and your shovel's materials can make all the difference. Perhaps the most important consideration is durability. You want a snow shovel that’s going to last and will withstand moving a lot of the white stuff.

Handle Options: Getting a Grip

push plow snow shovel

The handle might seem like an afterthought, but choosing the right one is crucial for a comfortable shoveling experience. Do you prefer a D-handle or a T-handle? The D-handle provides a good grip and is easy to maneuver, while the T-handle offers a bit more control. And for those who want the best of both worlds, there's the telescopic handle – adjustable for your comfort.

Considerations for Your Environment: Tailoring Your Choice to Your Surroundings

Snow is not just snow – it comes in all shapes and sizes. Wet, heavy snow requires a different shovel than light, dry snow. Consider your local climate and the type of snow you'll be tackling when making your shovel selection. Your shovel should be your winter sidekick, ready for whatever nature throws your way.

Additional Features to Look For: Beyond the Basics

Sure, a shovel's primary job is to move snow, but why not make your life a little easier with some extra features? Look for a shovel with a comfortable grip – your hands will thank you later. Built-in wheels can add convenience to your snow-moving adventures. It's the little things that can turn a chore into a breeze.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity: Keeping Your Snow Shovel in Top Shape

Now that you've found the perfect snow shovel, let's talk maintenance. A well-maintained shovel is a happy shovel. Clean and store it properly between winters, sharpen the blade, and check for wear and tear. You can even grease up the blade for added protection from the elements. Treat your snow shovel with care, and it will be your trusty companion for many winters to come.

Conclusion: Ready to Tackle Winter?

And there you have it – your guide to choosing the perfect snow shovel! From classic designs to ergonomic wonders, finding the right shovel is all about understanding your needs and the unique qualities of each shovel type. So, gear up, winter warriors, and unshovel the mystery of snow removal. Your winter wonderland awaits, and with the right snow shovel, you'll be singing in the snowflakes in no time!


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