Holiday Shopping for Gardeners

by Steve Glor on Nov 24, 2021

Holiday Shopping for Gardeners

Cyber weekend starts tomorrow with deals aplenty on everything from heavy-duty metal Christmas tree stands to hose carts that will carry up to 400 feet of garden hose across your back field. Whether you are looking for tools for your own lawn or garden or you’re shopping for a family member with a green thumb Yard Butler has some of the highest quality garden products available to thrill even the biggest humbugs this year.

Here are some of our experts’ garden gift recommendations:

2 Wheel Hose Cart

Hose reel cart with wheels holds up to 200 feet of garden hose

For quality and convenience you can’t beat the 2 wheel hose cart. Heavy duty, rust resistant powder-coated steel and solid tires that won’t ever go flat make this a sturdy choice for storing and hauling up to 200 feet of garden hose. Max-flo design won’t kink or leak and reels as smooth as a fishing line so their hose will always be right where they want it. And all of the “wear-and-tear” parts are replaceable so this reel can last them a lifetime of watering.

Ultimate Hose Management Bundle

For someone really special get the 2 wheel hose cart above with a wall-mounted hose hanger and three plant-saving hose guides to keep all of their garden hoses neat and tidy. The wall mounted hanger will hold another 125 feet of hose and keep the HOA happy. Hose guides keep hoses from dragging through the flowers or vegetable garden while they work in the yard. This is a bundle of gardening joy.

Garden Cultivator Tool Set

Some people really like to get down and dirty in the garden and this set is for them. The Twist Tiller garden claw hand tool digs into the dirt, breaking up soil, ripping out weeds and mixing in amendments with just a few quick twists and the Rotary Cultivator has six spinning blades to quickly turn the topsoil and get rid of weeds. When spring planting season starts your loved one will thank you for making their job easier with this thoughtful gift combo.

Yard Tree Vertical Plant Stand and Hanging Garden

Yard Tree vertical plant stand hanging basket garden rack

Maybe your mom or sister doesn’t have a lot of space for gardening but loves plants? The Yard Tree vertical plant stand has three hooks for hanging planters and two plant rings for pots and only takes up a couple feet of floor space. Heavy-duty construction and a sturdy, no-tip patio base ensure many years of enjoyment from this versatile garden rack.

Gopher Bait Applicator

Dad doesn’t have to go all Caddyshack on the local pests this year. Get him a Gopher Bait Applicator and rest easy knowing that he can direct all of the pellets right into the tunnel so there’s no risk of pets or kids getting into it above ground. This is a best seller every year because it works so well. Say goodbye to vermin and hello to a beautiful yard in the New Year.

Santa’s Helper Tree Stand

Santa's Helper White Christmas metal Xmas tree stand

Finally, get a gift for yourself and pick up a brand new Santa’s Helper metal Christmas tree stand. Choose from large for trees six to eleven feet tall or small for three to six feet. Both have large capacity water basins so your tree stays fresh all season. Four easy-turn t-bolts hold the tree steady and the large ring base prevents tipping. There’s even a White Christmas option so you never need a tree skirt. This is the best-selling metal tree stand every year and one of Santa’s favorites.

Of course Yard Butler has many other products that are always an exceptional value as everything is built to exacting standards to make gardening easier and more accessible for gardeners of all kinds. In addition, to really give your gift something extra consider a gift card to their local garden center or a few packs of seeds or maybe some gardening gloves. Make this holiday season the best yet and look forward to a New Year of great gardening for your friends and family. Happy Holidays from all of us at Yard Butler!

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