Cultivating the Gardening Lifestyle with Dan Wright

by Jerry Hilburn on Jul 23, 2021

Cultivating the Gardening Lifestyle with Dan Wright

I’m a big believer that anyone who likes plants or soil is a gardener. Got a succulent on your desk? You’re a gardener. An orchard of fruit trees? Gardener. A hanging basket on your balcony? Gardener. Plots of vegetables as far as the eye can see? You guessed it: gardener!

No matter what type of gardener you are, you know the satisfaction that comes with helping life grow. Dirty gloves, muddy knees, and a full, proud heart – that’s what we all have in common. And turns out, there are a lot of us! At Yard Butler, our growing passion (pun intended) is cultivating a community of authentic, passionate gardeners so we can all share in the joy of America’s favorite pastime together.

But we weren’t always on that mission. Like many small businesses, we were mostly focused on designing and selling high-quality products. We perfected our hose reels and garden tools and worked hard at surviving one payroll to the next. Ironically, the more time I spent on those aspects of our business, the less time I spent out in my own garden.

Throughout the last year and a half, however, my family has found immense gratitude for the hobbies, work, friends and family that keep us grounded in uncertain times. A few hundred hours later, we’ve been reminded that gardening is simply as grounding as it gets. It nourishes the soul, delivers solace and patience, and offers an opportunity to give back – to people and to the planet. And with every moment that my wife and I spent out in our garden, we’ve reflected on how lucky we are to have a company that can tangibly improve people’s lives.

That’s why today, we’re focused on a deeper mission than just running our business: we’re committed to bringing together a vibrant community of like-minded people who recognize that gardening is a way of life, and to giving them the tools and knowledge they need to make their gardening dreams a reality.

Our promise is therefore to innovate, design, and produce the best products imaginable so you always have the right tools for your lawn and gardening jobs. We also promise to continue our efforts to be more sustainable because bountiful, beautiful gardens depend on a healthy planet.

As we round the corner to a brighter future, we’re excited to continue placing strong, quality tools in your hands to help you embrace the gardening lifestyle and to keep cultivating this community together. Join us in sharing the joys of gardening on social media, or feel free to drop us a note right here on the website.

Stay well and happy gardening!

Dan Wright, President

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