7 Garden Gifts for Dads on Father's Day

by Steve Glor on Jun 17, 2021

7 Garden Gifts for Dads on Father's Day

Father’s Day is upon us and, if you’re like most people, you’re still looking for the perfect gift for dad to show him how much you care. You might even be thinking it’s time to go beyond the gift card and give dad something he can hold in his hands. Since this year, Father’s Day also happens to fall on the first day of summer, it’s a great time to gift some tools for the outdoors. The best part is, Yard Butler has something for every type of dad.

DIY Dads

Dad with Garden Corners for raised beds and Garden Kneeler & Seat

For the dad that likes to think he’s handy but doesn’t quite have a full workshop yet, Garden Corners make quick work of building a raised bed garden so he can start planting right away. Four wooden planks (2’x10’) and some good potting soil are all you need to get this project done. You could even throw in some seeds so dad can plant summer squash, melons, cucumbers, beans, corn, carrots, and heat loving herbs like basil, oregano, thyme and sage.

Check out Garden Corners now.

Desert Dads

You don’t actually have to live in the desert to be affected by drought. Water conservation is a hot topic in most regions. Plus, plants need more water as the heat rises, so smart summer watering is a must. The Deep Root Irrigator delivers water deep in the soil to reduce evaporation and hydrate plants right where they need it most: at the roots. It’s also an incredibly effective tool for delivering fertilizer.

See the deep root irrigator here

Any Dad

Family with Yard Butler Hose Reels and Hose Carts

Save dad from the tangled, kinked mess of his current garden hose and get dad one of the Best Hose Reels on the market. Yard Butler makes hose reels for all different lengths of garden hose in wall-mounted, free standing, and even cart versions. These are heavy-duty, steel reels with a lifetime guarantee. We even have replacement parts and attentive customer service so dad can keep that reel in great shape to hand down to his grandkids someday.

Explore the collection

Competitive Dads

Does your dad take every weed or pest personally, and have a mission to protect his yard from these “invaders?” Then this one’s for you. The Rocket Weeder is the fastest way to rid dad’s yard of dandelions, clover, ragweed, nettles, or any other weed that drives him crazy. The claw extractor pulls weeds out by the root and the foot pedal and long handle maximize leverage for less effort. No weeds and no chemicals needed!

Dad pulling weeds with Rocket Weeder

Does dad also have a personal vendetta against the local gopher? In that case, grab the Gopher Bait Applicator, which can deposit gopher, mole, and vole bait right into their tunnels so dad doesn’t have to go all “Caddyshack” on your yard to get rid of pests. 

Eliminate pests with the Gopher Bait Applicator

Older Dads

Ok, so this one isn’t really just for older dads. Pretty much everyone can appreciate having a nice, padded place to kneel in the yard or on the patio. The Garden Kneeler & Seat makes kneeling more comfortable and, perhaps more importantly, has extended arms that make it easy to get back up. You can even flip it over and use it as a bench seat for taking a break or seated work. It folds flat for storage and it’s lightweight, so dad can take it anywhere. 

Grab a seat

World’s Greatest Dad

Get dad a rake as great as he is. The flexible yet sturdy World’s Greatest Rake is the perfect tool for grass clippings, debris, and anything else that needs cleanup without any fear of damaging the plants below. And once the leaves start to fall in a few months, you’ll continue to get kudos for the world’s greatest gift. 

World's Greatest Rake

These seven gift ideas for Father’s Day are sure to make dad’s day. If you still want to get him a gift card, consider going a step further from the grocery store and grabbing one from a local garden center. This way, dad can pick out some plants, seeds, garden soil, fertilizer, or maybe a nice pair of gloves.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Yard Butler. We hope you can spend the day gardening with dad, enjoying some home-grown produce, and celebrating all that dad’s done for you.

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