5 Mother's Day Gardening Gift Ideas

by Jerry Hilburn on May 05, 2021

5 Mother's Day Gardening Gift Ideas

For mothers who are avid gardeners, there are plenty of gift options to make Mother’s Day extra special this year.

Garden Kneeler Bundle

This bundle is the perfect gift set for an avid gardener. There’s a kneeler and seat which protects mom’s knees while she’s weeding and planting, and also allows for a spot to sit when she needs a break. This bundle also comes with a handheld steel rake, and a handheld tiller for perfect gardens and raised beds.

Smart Pots Fabric Containers 

For mom’s with limited space, like balconies or patios, container gardening is probably the only feasible option. Upgrade her container game with fabric containers. The fabric allows excess water to freely drain from the soil, and also “air prunes” the roots which prevents veggies and flowers from getting root-bound. At the end of the season, they have the added benefit of being foldable for easy storage.

Yard Tree Vertical Garden

For moms that want a little added decoration in their garden, the Yard Tree is a great option. They can arrange the two rings and three hooks in any orientation they desire, and even add things like bird feeders and bird baths to give a home to their local flying friends. 

Digz Gardening Gloves 

Want to get mom something special but you’re working with a smaller budget? Upgrade her gardening gloves to some that are higher quality and come in lots of fun colors and designs to fit your mom’s personality. These will also keep her hands clean and protected from soil, thorns, and bugs. 

Raised Bed Garden Corners

Gardeners are using raised beds more and more to grow their favorite flowers, veggies, and herbs. These can be challenging to put together, but make it simple and stylish for your mom with Garden Corners. All she needs to do is slide four 2x4’s of her desired height into the corners, and she has a raised bed in five minutes, no hardware or power tools necessary.

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