Our Causes

Yard Butler is on a mission to make the joys of gardening accessible to more people by providing solutions for small space gardening, and generally by putting the very best tools in peoples’ hands to make their gardening experiences substantially easier, more fun and successful.

Small Space Gardening 

New gardeners aren’t waiting for space to start growing food, flowers, and houseplants. Yard Butler is committed to making the best products and gardening tools for patios, balconies, and smaller yards in both urban and rural settings. Home gardeners can enjoy the benefits of homegrown produce, communing with nature, and making the most of whatever sized space they have. Container gardening, raised bed gardening, and vertical gardens and plant stands all take advantage of limited space and allow endless possibilities for making things grow.

Gardening Tools for Greater Access 

Gardening shouldn’t have limits. We’re dedicated to making products that make it easier for gardeners of all abilities and ages to enjoy working with the soil. Plants bring life into any home, add oxygen, beautify, and personalize spaces. Rails and padding on garden kneelers make it easier on your knees and back. Long handled tools with cushioned grips allow for more leverage and less bending in the yard and wheeled hose carts mean you can easily move a lot of hose across larger areas when needed.

Better Health through Gardening

Founded by a lifelong gardener, Yard Butler expressly promotes better living and better health through gardening. The health benefits of gardening are many and our products make it easier and more enjoyable. Gardening relieves stress, giving people a sense of control taking care of plants and also offering respite from the pressures of our high tech world. Light gardening and yard work is also a great way to get in the recommended 30 minutes per day of exercise needed to lower blood pressure and burn calories. Besides the exercise gardening offers the chance to grow your own food so you know where it came from and it’s always fresh. With home grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can rest easy knowing your produce is pesticide-free and won’t be recalled. You can even save money growing organic. But perhaps the best thing about gardening is that many studies have shown that gardening makes us happier.

Sustainable Products and Manufacturing

Because we care so much about the earth and making life better through gardening Yard Butler has made extensive investments in making our products and manufacturing process more sustainable. 

In the factory we’ve installed solar and added all new factory lighting and sky lights reducing energy consumption and carbon foot print. We’ve also purchased a system to recycle 100% of waste water in our wash system, converting all industrial chemicals in the water to inert solid compounds and reusing the water for a closed loop system.  Most recently, we invested in an all new powder coating system with 60% better energy efficiency dramatically reducing gas usage and carbon emissions

On our products we’ve reformulating all company packaging to remove any plastic materials and instead use all recyclable packaging materials. We’ve also redesigned nearly all of our packaging to use less materials overall. In addition we have upgraded all raw material components to be 100% compliant with California Prop 65.