Outdoor Firewood Log Storage Steel Rack Brackets

Keeping your firewood off of the ground and away from your house is the best way to make sure that air circulates through the logs and they don’t get too damp from being outside. Dryer wood means longer burning fires. These heavy-duty rack brackets make building a firewood rack a breeze. Just insert 2 x 4s into the brackets and you will quickly have a rack for your wood. The best part is you can make it whatever size you need. Two boards go on each end for the height and two more run along the bottom creating the width of the rack. Screw holes are there to secure your rack once you have it assembled.

  • A PAIR OF HEAVY DUTY POWDER COATED STEEL BRACKETS – boards and screws not included.
  • BUILD WHATEVER SIZE RACK YOU NEED – just cut your boards to the desired length and choose the width and height of your rack. Brackets are spaced to support standard sized firewood logs.
  • SECURELY HOLD YOUR FIREWOOD for cozy fires all winter long.

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