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Spike Grass Aerator

Aerate your lawn for stronger growth

Lawns with high traffic can become compacted. Over time thatch can build up, creating a barrier that keeps water and air from reaching the roots. Spike aeration reduces compaction and thatch to let air, water, and fertilizer down to the root zone. This promotes vigorous root growth, strengthening drought and heat tolerance. Spike aeration is also great to prepare your lawn for fertilizing and for re-seeding or over-seeding.

  • 36 INCH TOOL HEIGHT reduces back strain and makes it easy to aerate your whole yard.
  • FOUR 3 INCH SPIKES break up soil compaction and dethatch your lawn to let water, fertilizer, and air get down to the roots of your grass.
  • PROMOTES TURF GROWTH AND REDUCES WATER RUNOFF your lawn will look better and you’ll use less water and fertilizer.   
  • FOOT BAR PROVIDES EXTRA LEVERAGE perfect hand garden tool for easily aerating smaller yards. Strengths tolerance to drought and heat stress and promotes vigorous root growth.
  • DURABLE POWDER-COATED STEEL CONSTRUCTION to last a lifetime and prevent rust.

Aerate your lawn for stronger growth

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