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These are the values that form the core of our vision; a vision devoted to connecting people with the earth. In a very real and tangible sense our tools help people work with the land in a sustainable and deeply satisfying way while helping stoke gardeners’ passions for their yards and gardens.

Our primary mission is to employ our passion and experience to design products that make it easier and more satisfying for you to fulfill your gardening dreams. Everyone knows that the right tool makes the job easier. Now, more than ever, we can say “There’s a tool for that!”

We are dedicated to developing the highest quality, sustainable special purpose lawn & garden tools perfect for every job. We have had many of these tools for decades but up to now they have been the best kept secrets of the gardening elite. Now we are bringing them out of the shadows to make them available to a new generation of gardeners who are just beginning to embrace the joys of growing food and gardening with a purpose. Innovative, tough and built for life, all Yard Butler products are rigorously tested to ensure suitability for the designed purpose and toughness for a life of service.

Lewis Lifetime Tools, Yard Butler’s 60 year old parent company, was founded by my father, Jim Wright, who was a lifelong gardener and the original Yard Butler. Jim got his start as the youngest of four tending the family’s “Victory Garden” during WWII. Given his thousands of hours weeding, hoeing, tilling and planting, he was always looking for a better and easier way to get the job done. He combined a relentless drive for quality and excellence with veneration for the land that informed his mission of service dedicated to making working with the land easier and more accessible. Born 10 years ago, Yard Butler honors Dad’s original vision to produce innovative solutions for most common yard and gardening tasks. Our tools aren’t built to be pretty. They are built to work and to last.

Those same values drive our mission as a company. From investments in solar power to minimize our carbon footprint, to working to eliminate our waste stream, to providing continuing training and educational opportunities for our team members, we are dedicated to being an environmentally sustainable company and responsible corporate citizen. Based in the San Diego area, our manufacturing plants are located in Tijuana Mexico where we are grateful for and proud of the dedicated work of our 120 plus team. We reject the calls from some corners for exclusion and separation. We share the planet and we welcome all who share our love of the land and believe that we can elevate our spirits by digging in the soil.

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